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It’s a Lifestyle

We are here to ensure that every W. Member not only succeeds in the initial battle to come to the gym, (by providing a fun, relaxed environment and innovative classes) but also succeeds in achieving their fitness goals! (by imparting knowledge, training and a support network). 


All our facilities are clean, reliable, friendly and open 24/7. But the most important element is the synergic dynamism of our valued customers, working together with our committed fitness professionals as they form real relationships.


A partnership, striving for the same target.


Your fitness goals.   


This holistic approach to fitness sets us apart.

Feel free to visit us, and let's start to work together. 



Our classes encompass the use of different energy systems to achieve the results you want! Our specially curated workouts will use plyometric movements, functional movements, aerobic and anaerobic systems, resulting in fat burning, muscle building and metabolism-boosting sessions.

45 minutes workouts, with no hassle and maximum results.


In our Yoga classes, we practice the connection of the body, breath, and mind. It uses physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation to improve overall health. Yoga was developed as a spiritual practice thousands of years ago. Today, most Westerners do yoga for exercise or to reduce stress.



Boxfit is a fat-burning, cardiovascular, strength and toning workout. You'll learn traditional boxing skills and techniques in a gym equipped with a huge selection of boxing bags and equipment.



Functional training exercises mimic the same or similar everyday movement patterns, like walking, squatting to pick up something heavy without injuring yourself. These functional movement patterns in a workout strengthen you in a particular way that directly translates to an activity outside the gym. Our exercises were chosen to mimic the same movement patterns of what the patients did in their everyday lives.

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